Distribute Your Weath, Property, and Other Assets With a Will.

A will is a legal set of directions for the proper division of a person’s wealth, property, and other assets upon death. A will usually assigns a person (called an executor) to be in charge of the estate and to make sure the directions outlined in the will are properly followed.

It is very important to have a will. And, if you already have one, it is crucial to make sure it is updated frequently to account for major life events. This will ensure that your estate is split according to your specific needs and expectations.

Benefits of Having an Updated Will:

  • You can ensure your specific funeral plans are carried out.
  • You appoint the person, people, or organization of your choice to distribute your wealth to others.
  • You specify exactly who can receive a part of your estate.
  • You can provide for minor children by establishing a trust that distributes your assets to them over time.
  • You can establish who must pay estate tax on their inheritance, and who can inherit tax-free
  • You can create specific trusts to avoid higher estate taxes (also known as the “death” tax).
  • Division of your estate starts more quickly than if it is left to the state to handle.

If you need to draft a will or if your current will needs updating, call Attorney Adam Anderson for help today. He can discuss your estate in full detail and help you determine what options are best for your estate planning needs.


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