Distribute Your Wealth According to your Wishes With a Trust.

A trust is a legal document that assigns a person (called a trustee) to hold and distribute assets to a specific person (called a beneficiary) according to a detailed set of rules. A trust can be established and carried out during the life of the trust’s creator, or it can start after the creator’s death. Trusts can be very useful tools in anyone’s estate planning regimen depending on personal goals and objectives.

The Benefits of Creating a Trust

  • You can create a trust that starts during or after your lifetime.
  • You not only have the ability to choose who receives the assets you wish to distribute, but you also can instruct distribution to occur in separate installments over time.
  • You can provide for minor children over an extended time and help assure their long-term financial stability.
  • You can protect yourself from higher estate taxes (known as “death taxes”)

Trusts, like other important estate planning documents, need to follow a strict set of rules in order to be valid. Attorney Adam Anderson has years of experience with creating trusts for clients from all financial backgrounds. Contact Attorney Anderson today to discuss how a trust can help your estate planning goals.

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