Are You a Named Beneficiary? We Can Help.

When a person passes away, he leaves behind a number of assets and possessions known collectively as an “estate”. An estate is generally divided and distributed among people (known as “beneficiaries”) who inherit the various assets that are left behind. Being named a beneficiary in a will can often carry a number of legal implications that can affect a person’s financial situation or even his own estate plan. It is recommended that any person appointed as a beneficiary speak with a lawyer during this estate settling process.

Attorney Adam Anderson has experience in all aspects of estate settling and inheritance. He strives to make the often long and complicated inheritance process a much easier undertaking. If you are a named beneficiary of an estate, Attorney Anderson can discuss a number of factors that may affect your inheritance.

Attorney Anderson has experience in a number of inheritance structures, including:

  • wills
  • trusts
  • life insurance policies
  • real estate issues associated with joint ownership or right of survivorship; and
  • retirement accounts

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