What Would Happen to Your Assets if You Suddenly Became Disabled or Passed Away?

Estate planning allows you to prepare a financial and personal “roadmap” to let others know how you would like to handle your property and important health care issues during such an unexpected event. Because it is the only way for you to control what happens during these circumstances, it is crucial that you have a proper and up-to-date estate plan in place.

Estate planning requires that a strict set of rules be followed in order to be valid. One such rule is that your wishes must be in writing and must follow proper the proper legal formalities. Mere discussion of how assets should be divided is not enough to create a proper estate plan. That being said, it is important that you build a relationship with an estate lawyer who not only understands current state law, but who is also proficient in creating the proper documents for your estate plan.

The following documents are crucial elements of any estate plan:

Adam Anderson is an attorney with years of experience with helping clients put their estate plans in order. He understands the importance of each document and can help answer any questions you may have about the estate planning process. Please click on the documents above to learn more about them.

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